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The 21st Century Classroom

There’s no doubt that our world has changed drastically in the past century. Technology is constantly improving, communication is instant around the globe, and the demands on our students are drastically different than they were even twenty years ago. Within the classroom, standards have been rewritten. Chromebooks and tablets are ubiquitous. Teachers swear by their […]

How to Learn Anything

At the beginning of any school year, teachers are always looking for ways to inspire students to learn. So, when I stumbled across this great Ted Talk (from TEDxCSU) called “How to Learn Anything” by Josh Kaufman, I decided to turn it into an infographic for my classroom. This Ted Talk also pairs well with […]

Flexible Seating: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

This post contains affiliate links to products I wholeheartedly recommend. All opinions are my own. Many people have heard about “flexible seating,” but few understand what a truly flexible environment is–perhaps because it requires an enormous investment of time, patience, research and money to develop. Over the past year, I educated myself on what flexible seating is, why […]


I'm a teacher who is passionate about teaching eighth graders to fall in love with reading and writing.

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