Reframe Test Anxiety into Excitement

Researchers are continually finding out more about the human body and brain, so I’m always on the lookout for golden nuggets of studies that can benefit my students. The Atlantic recently published the article “Can Three Words Turn Anxiety into Success?” which I found because it was posted to Facebook by Donors Choose. Student anxiety is an especially hot topic […]

Quizizz Review

You know how you always keep a couple of tricks up your sleeve and a few strategies in your back pocket? Well, Quizizz is another one to add to your collection. I checked it out briefly last weekend; I liked how easy it was to sign up and especially how intuitive the interface is. Within […]

Easy Class Builders

It’s the little things that create a community in your classroom. After completing a quiz, have the kids do something on the back when they’re done (this is a great way to prevent straying eyes getting answers) and then having the second student grade the paper and interact with whatever was done on the back. […]