The home/work life balance is easier to manage when your workplace feels like home. This picture of ISL’s MS building was snapped as I left school on this beautiful evening. In many ways, ISL saved my teaching career. Just a few years ago, I was drowning in a stifling work environment that was about as opposite […]


Kindle (verb): to light a fire; to inspire. This candle in my room is for Mr. Hiskes; my AP English teacher and the originator of my weekly Word Wednesday assignment (where my students teach each other vocabulary instead of me.) Only, he had a real candle and mine is fake…. But thanks to him, my love for […]

Norton Anthologies

My picture today is of a different stack of books: every single one of my Norton anthologies from college. Like silent sentinels, they have been in my classroom every single year. In Michigan, teachers are required to have a Bachelor’s and minor in order to be certified in a subject. So, these anthologies represent my […]