At the beginning of any school year, teachers are always looking for ways to inspire students to learn. So, when I stumbled across this great Ted Talk (from TEDxCSU) called “How to Learn Anything” by Josh Kaufman, I decided to turn it into an infographic for my classroom. This Ted Talk also pairs well with other lessons about the importance of failure and having a Growth Mindset.

I think that as an educator, I often believe that “learning” is far more complicated than it actually is. (Maybe it had something to do with the Educational Psychology class I took in college!) What I appreciated about this Ted Talk is that Kaufman boils down an abstract concept to very concrete steps: deconstruct the skill, learn enough to self-correct, remove practice barriers, and commit to practicing at least 20 hours. The best part about Kaufman’s ideas is that they apply to all types of learning, not just academic!

A universal truth is that our students do want to learn.

Let’s help our students identify what they want to learn, set goals, and apply these concepts to interests of their own. Then, they will be more willing to apply these steps to the content material of our own classes.

“How to Learn Anything” Infographic

Here’s the infographic I created using Piktochart. I plan to display it as a poster in my classroom so the students are reminded of it every day!

Using Piktochart also involves a bit of a learning curve(!) but I highly recommend it. It’s easy to use, and free to download JPEGs of average quality. There’s also a “Present” feature that would be amazing for students to use, so it’s definitely on my list to explore further. I’d love to hear about ways that your students have used Piktochart in the classroom!

How To Learn Anything Infographic

What activities or ideas do you have to inspire your students to learn? Share in the comments!

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