A Day in the Life, Reading Literature

You don’t really know a book until you’ve taught it.

Today’s teaching picture: Even though I haven’t taught some of these novels in years, I still like to keep them around–like they’re old friends.

Day 2 - Books Ive Taught
I’ve learned that you don’t really know a book until you’ve taught it.
When you spend that much time with a book, you find that it develops a personality and evolves over time. I’m continually surprised by what new things I see, even when you think about how I read aloud or play an audiobook multiple times (3-5 classes at a time, and sometimes for multiple years).
I try to remember to let students in on the “secrets” of rereading. It’s easy to pretend that I know to point out all of these things just because I’m a reading teacher. But really, there’s so much more going on– research, close reading with a highlighter, comments in the margins, sticky notes, notes jotted down on random pieces of paper of what I want to point out or activities I want to do. It’s easy to forget to let them know that these novels are worth rereading over and over….after all, who knows that better than I do?
So, this post is dedicated to my beloved paper friends that I have taught over the years:
-The Revealers
-Freak the Mighty
-To Kill a Mockingbird
-A Midsummer Night’s Dream
-A Single Shard
-Diary of Anne Frank
-Code Talker
-The Giver
(…and many more that were used in literature circles!)

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