The home/work life balance is easier to manage when your workplace feels like home.

Day 5 - Home

This picture of ISL’s MS building was snapped as I left school on this beautiful evening. In many ways, ISL saved my teaching career. Just a few years ago, I was drowning in a stifling work environment that was about as opposite of what I dreamed of when I decided to be a teacher.

I had creative ideas and enthusiasm; the school wanted conformity and standardization of everything.
I wanted to encourage healthy discussion and movement; the school wanted quiet, still classrooms.
Our team needed support; the administration provided too little, too late.
I was frustrated, exhausted, and burnt out. My passion for teaching was there, but I couldn’t express it.
I knew in my gut that I was not really teaching at all.

Long story short, I ended up at ISL, and fell in love with teaching all over again. I love the staff and leadership team, my colleagues are fantastic, and we have the best kids in all of Lake County. This is my family. This is home.

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