Breaking the “Reading Rules”

This reflection is in response to the article “Some Rules We Need to Break in Our Reading Classrooms” by Pernille Ripp, reposted by Cult of Pedagogy When I introduced the Million Word Challenge to my students, I told them that all I wanted was their word count- no projects, no summaries, not a traditional reading log, […]


 The home/work life balance is easier to manage when your workplace feels like home. This picture of ISL’s MS building was snapped as I left school on this beautiful evening. In many ways, ISL saved my teaching career. Just a few years ago, I was drowning in a stifling work environment that was about as opposite […]


Kindle (verb): to light a fire; to inspire. This candle in my room is for Mr. Hiskes; my AP English teacher and the originator of my weekly Word Wednesday assignment (where my students teach each other vocabulary instead of me.) Only, he had a real candle and mine is fake…. But thanks to him, my love for […]

Norton Anthologies

My picture today is of a different stack of books: every single one of my Norton anthologies from college. Like silent sentinels, they have been in my classroom every single year. In Michigan, teachers are required to have a Bachelor’s and minor in order to be certified in a subject. So, these anthologies represent my […]