To all those who teach writing–

To all those who teach writing– Encourage creativity, but teach the rules of the game. Be steadfast in corrections of commonly confused words: If they’re going to be taken seriously out there, choosing their words carefully matters. Teach them that form speaks, too. Make them notice that a complex sentence tells about a relationship between […]

Welcome to Utopia!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good dystopian novel. My students love them. I love that I get to teach about dystopias! But before we get to the worlds-gone-wrong, I like to challenge my students on their preconceived notions on what makes a “perfect society.” So, we study what a utopia is first. I start out […]

The Gift of Reading

Years ago, I wanted to write my AP English essay about Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, but didn’t have a copy of the book. My teacher gave me his copy by crossing out his name and writing mine. Even though it has fallen apart into two, that book remains on my shelf as a cherished possession. […]

Analyzing Claims & Evidence Foldable

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who has pinned and shared this foldable! I’ve added the information that I used in the “Analyzing Claims & Evidence” foldable to a FREE document on my Teachers Pay Teachers page, Lancy’s Language Arts. I appreciate your positive feedback & reviews!   Claims and Arguments Magic Insert Foldable   There’s nothing like having […]

Easy Class Builders

It’s the little things that create a community in your classroom. After completing a quiz, have the kids do something on the back when they’re done (this is a great way to prevent straying eyes getting answers) and then having the second student grade the paper and interact with whatever was done on the back. […]