And so it begins.

Although it doesn’t quite feel like fall yet here in Central Florida, now that the school year is underway, it might as well start cooling down. Even so, in my second-floor classroom, the bright sunshine is a welcome presence as students file in and sit down to begin the bell work posted on the screen.

“What are we doing today?” a student will inevitably ask.

My response is always the same, and has been since the beginning of my teaching career:

“All kinds of learning adventures!”

Usually this response is met with a chuckle, or an eye-roll. But, most students who ask know what I was going to say anyway. Those students also know that I love what I do, and that teaching is the only profession I’ve ever wanted to pursue.

* * *

With all the emphasis on self-reflection with the new evaluation systems, and the feedback from others about the quality of my worksheets and other resources, I’ve decided to begin a blog dedicated to my classroom and my growth as an educator. I also hope to share my ideas and get feedback from others.

I am also a Christian educator in a public school, which defines my perspective and shapes my attitude. Lately I’ve been desiring to connect to a community of other Christian educators; I hope this blog will be a reflection of this worldview that inspires others, rather adds as a rant of another frustrated teacher.

Whoever you are, find your learning adventure.

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